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Handmade Pigtail Food Flipper / Bacon Turner


  • Bacon turner hook with a decorative deer antler handle
  • Multifunctional pigtail food flipper works with most campfire foods
  • Blacksmith quality 1/4” thick steel
  • Durable square steel shaft with reverse twist design
  • Steel shaft epoxied to deer antler for durability
  • Ideal size fits in a standard kitchen drawer
  • Pigtail food flipper available in both left and right handed versions
  • Hot-coated with beeswax for protection
  • Overall: .75” W x 1.25” D x 11” L
  • Handmade in Texas


Easily cook breakfast bacon over an open fire with this pigtail food flipper hook. Deer antler handle puts your passion for the great outdoors on display while supplying an easy-to-hold design that stays cool to the touch. Choose from the base or the tine to customize the BBQ bacon turner into exactly what you’re looking for. Quarter inch steel is hand-forged into a hook ideal for turning bacon and then a reverse twist design is added by hand, crafting a unique and attractive appearance. Hot-coated in beeswax for durability, this BBQ tool with antler handle works hard so you don’t have to.

Made in the USA. Handmade items will vary.


Q: What is the difference between antler, tine, and base for the handle?
A: With this bacon turner, you can choose your antler handle. Antler means any part of the antler may be used, whereas the other two choices are specific to the part of the antler. If you choose tine, you will get a tine of the antler and it may or may not be forked. If you upgrade to the base, you will get the thicker, base section of the antler.


To prevent rust, we recommend all handmade metal items get coated with food grade oil after each use.


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