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Hand Forged Campfire Tripod


  • Solid steel campfire tripod
  • ½” round steel
  • Hand forged tripod adjusts to the pot height you need
  • Comes with 3 multi length S hooks to hang tea kettles and dutch ovens
  • Hot-coated with beeswax for protection (this is correct)
  • Overall: 42” H
  • Cookfire tripod includes 3 steel S hooks made from 1/4″ round steel
  • 2 long hooks, 1 short hook
  • Handmade in Texas


Enjoy the comfort of the great outdoors, open fire cooking is easier than ever with this handmade campfire tripod. Designed for function and forged of durable half inch round steel, this heavy duty open fire campfire tripod includes three different sized hooks so your grilling pot hangs over the fire at the ideal cooking height. Kick back and relax while your chili slow cooks, this cookfire tripod works hard so you don’t have to.


Made in the USA. Handmade items will vary.


  • Legs: 42” H
  • S hooks: 12” L, 6” L (large, small)



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