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Grill Cleaner Set with Brush, Shovel, and Poker


  • 3-piece grill cleaner set with antler handles
  • Comes with a grill cleaning brush, poker, and shovel
  • Wall mountable with included hanging rack
  • Adjustable rack hangs straight or on an angle
  • Blacksmith quality ⅜” thick steel
  • Durable square steel shafts with reverse twist design
  • Steel shafts epoxied to deer antlers for durability
  • Multiple sizes available, choose from 9/12/18” long (does not include handle)
  • Hot-coated with beeswax for protection
  • Handmade in Texas
  • Wall mounting hardware not included


After every cookout, your grill needs a cleanup. Which means you need a BBQ grill cleaning set. When you want your tools to be blacksmith quality and made to take the heat, you need this antler handle grill cleaning set. Wall-mounted with adjustable hooks, this three-piece grill cleanup set comes with a poker, shovel, and metal grill brush. Handcrafted from ⅜-inch thick steel, coated with beeswax for protection, and designed with convenience in mind – you can even replace the metal cleaning brush head as needed! For a grill cleaning set that does it all, and will for years to come, look no further than this three-piece set made in Texas.

Made in the USA. Handmade items will vary.


Q: With this grill cleaning set, is the wall mounting hardware included?

A: No, this wall mount set does not come with hardware, but it can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Q: How do I replace the grill brush?

A: You can replace the metal brush by unscrewing the metal cover from the handle.

Q: How do I adjust the hooks

A: The hooks are designed to swivel left/right so that you can mount the cleaning set at an angle or straight across.



To prevent rust, we recommend all handmade metal items get coated with food grade oil after each use.

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